Bud light next nft rarity

Bud Light is launching its first zero-carb beer, Bud Light Next, with a new nonfungible token (NFT) project and accompanying Super Bowl campaign. Such drops have become increasingly popular in the advertising space as the line between physical and virtual blurs.

To promote the better-for-you beverage, the brand will launch the Bud Light N3XT Collection composed of 12,722 unique tokens designed in the blue and white color hues of the new brew’s packaging. The tokens, priced at $399 apiece, are age-locked to consumers 21 and older and available only in the U.S. to those who purchase using ethereum or fiat currencies.

In addition to the token, purchase of the NFT will let buyers vote on Bud Light Next merchandise and give them access to brand and partner events. The token rolls out on Feb. 6, just a week before the Super Bowl.

Bud light next nft rarity

Anheuser-Busch Inbev (BUD) – Get Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV Report is getting ready for the Super Bowl and joining the metaverse at the same time with the launch of Bud Light Next, its first-ever zero carb beer, and its first release of non-fungible tokens.

The world’s largest brewer will roll out Bud Light Next nationwide on Feb. 7, the day after it launches its first NFT project — the Bud Light N3XT Collection.

Bud Light Next, which Anheuser-Busch Inbev claims is nearly 10 years in the making, boasts zero carbs, 80 calories and 4% alcohol by volume. The brewer is targeting “consumers who have long desired a beer that breaks the barriers of a traditional lager and offers the sessionability and stats of a seltzer,” according to a Thursday statement.

Bud light nft rarity

And access to exclusive merch and beta Cameo products, as well as our metaverse compound.” Now normally, I wouldn’t believe in these promises, but this is exactly what Cameo does in the first place. I remain skeptical, but I love this as a corporate NFT.

Verdict: Leader of the pack. The Cameo Pass is an excellent blend of what Cameo does well and and well thought-out NFT.
I see value extending to holders for a long period of time and I applaud the Cameo team. If they can execute well, and continuously deliver value to holders, they will create a loyal group of advocates that will grow their brand and reputation.
It is key for them to earn trust early.

Arik Levy. A commemorative sculpture, a Baccarat-blown and engraved carafe, a pipette, cork holder and four tasting glasses were also included as part of the NFT sale.

Hello Fam

The first all-NFT wine brand, Hello Fam was launched in September 2021 but “early bird minting” started on 31 August when 250 cases were sold.

The brand was founded by Jacob Ner-David, Adam Ghahramani and Tiffany Wong, where Ner-David is a partner in direct-to-consumer wine platform Vinsent, while Ghahramani runs Untamed Elephants — a major NFT community that aims to help African elephants.

Wong is a designer who has been associated with other wine and spirits brands as well as Untamed Elephants, which also has its own collection of the same name.

Everything on the platform begins with buying a Grape Fam NFT. It also gives access to the NFT winery and wine club.

We can’t wait to continue delivering exciting opportunities for the brand to engage with its community.” – Avery Akkineni, President of VaynerNFT

Adult consumers who are 21+ (or legal drinking age) can each purchase a limited number of NFTs directly through the website Budweiser.com/nft with the cryptocurrency ETH, Bitcoin or with a credit card.

Budweiser continues to collaborate on the concept creation and execution of its NFT programs with VaynerNFT, the consultancy under the umbrella of the VaynerX holding company founded by serial entrepreneur and chairman Gary Vaynerchuk.

“The Budweiser Royalty Collection represents the future of the Budverse, a space where communities can socialize, be entertained and purchase digital collectibles.

NFT space — community, ownership, and technology. The innovation they seek to bring with their new beer is synonymous with the innovation in the NFT space.

NFT holders of the Bud Light collection will receive DAO-like privileges, including the ability to vote on certain future decisions like the design of “merch” (clothing), as well as other perks yet to be announced.

For minters who are leery of dealing with cryptocurrency for the drop, Bud Light NFT’s website states that consumers will be able to pay for their NFTs with a credit card, like “any other online purchase.” There will be two versions of the NFT, randomized at purchase: the N3XT NFT and a diamond NFT.

Bud Light is not the first alcoholic beverage brand to launch a collection, though it is one of the first with mass-market appeal and one of the few to have a large mint count.

But it does show AB InBev’s commitment with trying to come up with a product that can be sold to today’s beer drinking masses.

What will never fail is that we will certainly get a Bud Light Next commercial at this year’s Super Bowl. Look for it, it will be entitled, “Zero in the Way of Possibility”

Bud Light Next vs Miller64

Hilariously enough, Miller64 is taking Bud Light Next on toe to toe with their calorie counts in a new ad of their own.
They’ve even set up a website, whatnumberissmaller.com, and hired a Professor of Mathematics, Ken Ono, to help you understand that Miller64 has less calories than Bud Light Next. And, they too will be running an ad during Super Bowl 56.
Gotta love it when two large brewing Rams but heads.

Let’s take a deep dive into the most relevant NFT projects that have been dropped by companies I arbitrarily define as corporations (yes, to slight them a little). I want to start with the ugly and make my way to the good (if there are any).
I am going to try to be extra critical and constructive at the same time. Each of the internal teams that launched these projects deserves credit for moving quickly, and hopefully if they read my incredible award-winning writing, they can still right the ship.

Let’s get into it!

The Ugly

Pepsi – The Mic Drop

Pepsi was one of the first major corporations (a huge win for web3) to launch a real on-chain NFT when they dropped “The Mic Drop” genesis NFT collection on 12/14/21, in collaboration with VaynerNFT (Gary Vee’s company).

Beer boasts the same “statistics” as Hardselzer, but A space that continues to attract attention And consumer traction, 80 calories and 4 percent alcohol. According to Goeler, the team wanted to make sure the statistics were still in the Bud Light beer and Selzer territory, all in the range of 4-5 percent ABV levels.

Traditional budrites typically contain 110 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates per beer, while lager beers typically contain 10 to 13 grams of carbohydrates.

Participate in the NFT boom

To celebrate the launch of the new product, BudLight will release the first NFT project called the “BudLight N3XT Collection”.

Beginning February 6, Bud Light Next NFT will be available to consumers over the age of 21 for $ 399 per token.

Pardon the pun.

Bud Light Next FAQs

Where do you buy Bud Light Next?

You can purchase Bud Light Next in six-pack bottle format, or, in 12-pack can format in a variety of places. Stores such as Total Wine come to mind here. Other places include local grocery stores such as Kroger, Hannaford, Walmart and more. And, you may be able to buy Bud Light Next through online retailers.

When did Bud Light Next come out?

Bud Light Next launched on February 7th, 2022.

What are the ingredients in Bud Light Next?

Barley, Hops, Rice, Water.

How many carbs are in Bud Light Next?

Single cans (12oz) of Bud Light Next will have 0.0 carbs.

How many calories are in Bud Light Next?

Again, there will be 80 calories per single 12 fl oz can.

Is Bud Light Next Gluten Free?

No, Bud Light Next is not gluten-free.

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