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bt nft

Listening to BT’s upcoming 14th album comes with some pretty high financial incentives.

Rare, one-of-a-kind NFTs await BT’s most eagle-eyed fans as the electronic music legend readies the release of Metaversal, a multi-sensory, blockchain-based album experience unlike any other.

As longtime fans have come to realize, BT has a habit of speaking in codes, and hasn’t hesitated to embed audio and visual “easter eggs” in his work for fans to find. Now, he’s betting on fans to meet a challenge unlike any he’s posed to them before.

“To say I have smart and creative fans is the understatement of the century,” BT said in a statement.

Bt nft

He has a passion for Bitcoin, open-source code, and decentralized applications. Since September 2015, Redman has written more than 5,000 articles for News about the disruptive protocols emerging today.

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You’re known for innovation in everything you put your hands on – is that what drew you to the NFT space?

I believe both in terms of intellectual property, creative works, and other media projects like context driven software, sounds and more – blockchain and decentralized technologies are going to liberate the creative communities and revolutionize the idea of digital ownership. This paradigm shift of provable ownership of rare digital assets will free generations and generations of artists, musicians, programers and more.

We’re so in the infancy here.
This is a very small and vibrant community thats growing exponentially. It’s a genuinely new medium for creators to inspire rich communities around their fans.
It’s a way fans can participate and be rewarded by celebrating artists they love and gather value from.

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There is a little over a week left in the PrimeXBT NFT Trading Competition, and given the demanding requirements, it’s best to act fast and join now before all available spots are entirely filled up. Other competitions are running concurrently in the Contests section, but none other with as much at stake or featuring NFTs.
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As a reminder, here are the three simple steps:

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All About PrimeXBT Contests And How To Step Up Your Skills

With PrimeXBT Contests, no money is ever at stake.

Bt nft genesis

So finally what I love about the mindset of open sourced and decentralized technology is the idea that this piece can be enjoyed in its full beauty by anyone, yet maintain provenance and ownership of a single person.

As we’ve installed this on the permaweb Genesis.json will exist long after I’m gone, immutably on blockchain.

You have created software before – can you tell us more about that and how you got into it?

For sure there are many pieces of software I’ve made and released now. I’ll talk about Stutter Edit because it’s a sound I’m known for.

Stutter Edit began as an idea when I was about 14 years old.
For a summer job I worked as a tape op in a small studio in Rockville, Maryland. There I learned cutting quarter inch tape using a metal block, razor blade and a grease pencil, to splice together recordings.

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Statistics recorded this week show that the aggregate number of non-fungible token (NFT) sales, settled across more than a dozen different blockchains, has officially surpassed $36 billion. While there are 18 competing blockchains offering NFTs, Ethereum-based NFT sales dominate by more than 75%.
While Ronin commands the second-largest amount of NFT sales, NFTs from the game Axie Infinity have been the top-selling collection for quite some time, with more than $4 billion in global sales to date.

$36 Billion in All-Time NFT Sales, Ethereum Dominates Sales by More Than 75%

The world of blockchain-based digital collectibles has been a force to reckon with as the NFT ecosystem has become a multi-billion-dollar industry.

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It’s a lot of firsts and one of my favorites is, it’s the first NFT that puts itself to sleep every day and even dreams during the night.

The audio and video are not bound to one another, so they happen completely independently and are live sequenced. At any given time there can be multiple audio and visual events happening simultaneously.

How did you get this idea?

This was really inspired by growing up in a home with a grandfather clock My dad, has this grandfather clock he loves that was his dad’s – dads.

As a kid it drove me crazy the different rings at 15 minute intervals and then the changing of the hour. It wasn’t until I

was an adult I realize what a special object that is and how beautifully it demarcates the passage of time.

Time is the only resource we can’t create, and it’s finite.

Глухие таежные места фото

Entire generations won’t know the pain of trying to communicate art to their audience through the gatekeeping of middle men. Why this matters is it encourages less homogenized artistic output.

Blockchain caters too and empowers specific and smaller audiences and encourages artists to create for people, not things like the Spotify algorithm.

This in turn makes the world a more beautiful and better sounding place.

Like I said before, my genesis piece wraps together my three due norths – beautiful art and design, meaningful music and elegant coding.

My whole career has been bout pushing the edge of what is possible, from software, to animation, to scoring to albums and this is the next step in a life long journey of innovation.

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It’s pretty emotional for me because my dad is getting up there and this was a real point of contention for me growing up as I am very sound sensitive. I understand now as an adult how important it is to be aware of the passage of time and how precious it is.

So when I wrote the score for Shanghai Disneyland Tomorrowland, this was my first installation work.Getting to work with Disney imagineers on a 12 hour, 9 interlocking composition installation piece was incredibly inspiring.

I was able to install it in person in Shanghai on site.

So many of my fans have asked me to release the compositions, but we really can’t because it’s written for 256 discrete channels and evolves through the day.

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