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Brute trash can nft

By this time the North Korean bot team already cashed out and it was already been traded on OpenSea. So as a moment of publishing this article we are waiting for the raffle conditions to start and to be announced.

Update 02/15/2022

Superplastic saves the day

The days following the dramatic start, Superplastic decided to go beyond to make sure the remaining 200 Super Gucci’s be released only to those eligible and also human.

They locked the server and anyone who was in already had a chance of getting a supergucci. There were at the time of closing over 60k people inside. Superplastic started a manual process of making sure everyone in the server is a human and anyone who wasn’t was thrown out. The users with a SuperPlastic NFt were verified and passed the test fairy quickly.

Brute trash can nft

After 3 rounds everything was in and now the raffle could start. But JUST not yet because Superplastic wanted to make sure every wallet in that raffle is indeed still belonged to a human and is eligible to enter the raffle.
After a lot of filtering the list was shortened to less than 1500 people!.

The live raffle recording

So superplastic wanted to make sure everything went fair so what they did was feed the wallets to a random spinner and everyone could tune in and watch the results! spread over 3 live streams, 192 wallets were randomly picked.

The lucky winners will then be sent a private purchase link to each to make sure nothing goes wrong during the mint.


Superplastic could have solved this in many ways and some might say it went too far, and others might say not far enough.

Los Angeles Amerika Serikat, berhasil menjual gambar tempat sampah dalam bentuk NFT seharga 252 ribu dollar.

Gambar tempat sampah yang dimanipulasi menjadi karya seni NFT itu diberi nama Brute Trash Can. Pria 38 tahun itu menjual karya NFT nya pada seorang kolektor seni bernama Vincent van Doe.

“Buat saya, jiwa sesungguhnya dari seni kripto adalah untuk mendayakan hal-hal,” kata Robert di Channel YouTube Forbes Middle East yang rilis pada 3 Februari 2022.

Baca Juga: Selamat Tinggal! Enam Daerah di Pantura Jateng Ini Akan Disuntik Mati Siaran TV Analognya pada 30 April 2022

Seni kripto dan NFT memang semakin popular, meski begitu sifat alami mereka tetaplah merupakan sebuah produk digital yang terbatas keberadaannya hanya di internet.

Jennifer Wong dan Peter Hamilton adalah salah satu orang yang berkeinginan untuk membawa NFT ke dunia nyata.

With more fashion labels launching NFTs, many people are wondering whether this is a watershed moment for the industry or just a case of trend hopping.

According to Morgan Stanley, the whole NFT industry is predicted to reach $300 billion by 2030, with brands like Gucci and Balenciaga in the best position to profit from metaverse digital collaborations. Activation in prominent open metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland is not part of the Gucci project yet.

Enter the dark side

So when Superplastic and Gucci announced this news, everyone went nuts including some bad actors.
In the case of the Gucci release. I followed it about a week before launch and during the date of drop on 1st of February I sat behind my screen and followed the development. I was eating and shitting discord all day long.

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Hoping it sells high – it’s a very cool art piece!

Is it on display in Vegas anywhere? I’d love to show it to my kids who love art, battlebots and destruction.

I hope they do something like this after every season now

I wonder which individual bott “contributed” the most parts? (And maybe that team needs a new battle strategy!🤣)

Super cool. 4d left and it’s already at 12k. Holy moly.

Needs forks…😉 Very cool!

Dear editing crew: can we get more sound effects from the crowd instead of this one person I hear all the time, screaming, “wayoooo!!!!”


Frank Linwood Kerstetter IV!!

Hydra is the champion.

Good morning everyone



The fact that Tantrum beat Hydra was rigged so the little love couple could move on. What crap won’t watch again, and I’ve been watching since beginning.

Now mind you Super Plastic and Gucci both as brands and merch are great companies but to think to jump on the blockchain with not enough knowledge about a certain aspect of the blockchain including the darker side is just plain ignorant and even dangerous for the brand name itself. I rather have coca-cola sell only coke than open a restaurant with cockroaches, I would end up leaving AND also never buy coke again. So this is something for the folks at superplastic and Gucci to sort out because people are pissed.

Final round postponed and then changed

So the final round was postponed by 1 hour to 1 PM ET and people waited patiently until the mob started to scream raffle raffle raffle I think this was the point where both teams decided to call it quits and just raffle the remaining Super Gucci NFT’s.

And with everyone I mean everyone else, because a few and all superplastic and Gucci team already knew what happened during the first mint but it was already too late, things were set in motion and cannot be changed again. And that is why kids when you start an NFT project you don’t hire from LinkedIn ;).

Anyways so people started to become really angry on both servers and rightly so!.

People with the superplastic NFT started being angry in their server because basically a lot of people bought a superplastic NFT for almost 1eth to get early access to only discover the first dozen of NFT’s were minted by addresses with no Super Plastic NFT inside of it. So people started to sell their Super Plastic NFT because they felt cheated and lied to. So the floor price of superplastic dipped a bit.

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