Blockies nft

  1. From the main page, select the Swap button.
  2. In the “Swap from” dropdown box, select the currency or token you want to change and enter the quantity in the right-adjacent input box.
    1. MetaMask has a convenient “Max” button that will automatically put the entire balance of the selected token as the quantity.
  3. In the “Swap to” dropdown box, select the currency or token you want to receive from the swap
    1. There is a switch double arrow button that allows you to quickly switch the “to” and “from” tokens in case you got it backward.
  4. Select the acceptable level of “slippage”.
    1. Because crypto is such a volatile asset, it’s not uncommon for the price to change multiple percentage points in a few minutes.

Blockies nft

The process will be more or less similar for any DEX and dApp.Connect MetaMask to 1inch Decentralized Exchange

  1. In a browser, navigate to the 1inch decentralized exchange home page.
  2. Select the “Launch dApp” button in the center or top right of the page. This will take you to the actual exchange page where you connect your wallet and can swap tokens, participate in yield farming, governance, and join a pool.
  3. In the top right of the page, you’ll see a Connect Wallet button. Click that.
  4. On the Connect Wallet dialog box, you have to:
    1. Accept the terms of service and privacy policy.
      Be sure to read those, first. Everyone reads the ToS and Privacy Policy, right?
    2. Select which network you want to use in step 2.

We announced that we are going to deploy $1b USD into game development in Korea.

— Jason Brink aka BitBender (@BitBenderBrink) November 28, 2021

According to Gala Games’ website, 1.3 million active users and has now racked up around 26,000 NFT sales. And with the company launching a new, $100m development fund in December, it’s likely to continue growing in the future.

5. DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL)

The market is pricing JEWEL at $16.51, representing a fall of 4.5%.
It also represents a drop of 20% in the past week. That said, JEWEL remains 13% up in the past fortnight and 150% up in the last 30 days.

Available only since October and built on the Harmony ONE network, DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain-based game that incorporates DeFi aspects. Much like Axie Infinity, its playable characters are also tradable as NFTs.

Naturally, the more you purchase, the lower the overall percentage will be since the network fee is more or less constant at the moment.

  • Receive Ether from an exchange or other wallet
    1. Select “Buy” from the main page
    2. Select Directly Deposit Ether View Account
    3. Scan the QR code or use the displayed account address as the payment address from the sending wallet. Enter the amount you want to send/receive, review the gas fees, confirm address and total cost are correct, and hit send.
  • Add additional accounts

    Having multiple accounts is not too dissimilar to having multiple bank accounts in the fiat world. You may have one account for day-to-day transactions, another account for staking, another account for dApps, and so on.

  • You will then be transported to the main page of the imported account. At this point, you can change the name and fund it.
  • Connect hardware wallet (Ledger)
  • It’s important to understand that when using your Ledger account with MetaMask, your account and private key/seed phrase are never communicated to MetaMask or any dApp you interact with. MetaMask is just a visual interface that lets you see and manage your Metamask and Ledger accounts all in the same place.

    Please note that your Ledger account in Metamask is secured by the 24-word recovery phrase generated by your Ledger device.
    Your regular Metamask account however is secured by the 12-word recovery phrase generated while setting up Metamask.

    Still, under normal circumstances, the sustained declines of SAND’s 30-day average would point to an incoming rally.

    Despite the weakness of SAND’s technicals, it’s in a similarly strong position to AXS. Its native platform, The Sandbox, is one of the most successful NFT-based game blockchains in the cryptocurrency sector. A platform for building virtual games and experiences, it had a very strong 2021, selling one plot of land for $4.3 million at the start of December.
    It also turned over $86 million in land sales in the last week of November alone, more than any other metaverse-related platform.

    And with a $93 million raise from major VC fund SoftBank at the beginning of November, it has the resources to resume its ascent once market conditions become more favourable.

    3. Decentraland (MANA)

    At $2.84, MANA is down by 3% in the past day.

  • *

    In Web3 dApps, usernames and passwords are not necessary to authenticate a user account. Because a blockchain is the backend database, interacting with your MetaMask account confirms your identity. The process is similar to what happens when you use https confirming that the private key you have matches with the public key of your MetaMask account.

  • Select MetaMask from the subsequent dialog box.

    MetaMask will then pop up where you select which account you want to connect to Upshot and click Next.

  • You’ll then be presented with a confirmation page.
  • Transfer between accounts
    1. If you have multiple accounts, you can send from one to the other by selecting “Transfer between my accounts” after hitting the Send button.
    2. Choose which account you want to transfer to and edit your desired gas limit like you would any other transaction and click Next.
    3. Review the transaction making sure you have the correct account and amount you want to send and click Confirm.
  • Set custom gas limits

    Go pro and set your own gas limits! Honestly, there’s no reason to do this given the tools MetaMask provides. If you think you know better, however, this is how you can set your own gas limits. There are two ways you can do this and will describe both.

    1. After clicking Send and adding a Recipient, below the preconfigured Slow, Average, and Fast gas limits, click Advanced Options.

    For this demo, we’ll be using Ethereum, but you can also connect to the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon/Matic sidechain using MetaMask but that requires additional setup which we cover in another section.

  • Choose the MetaMask wallet icon in step 3.
  • When you click the fox, the MetaMask extension will popup where you select which account you want to connect to 1inch and click Next.
  • You’ll then get a confirmation page and need to click the Connect button to connect to the dApp.
  • Now you are free to swap tokens, yield farm, etc.
  • Connect MetaMask to the Upshot NFT art appraisal site

    1. In a browser, navigate to the Upshot NFT appraisal site.
    2. In the top right corner of the landing page, click the Use Upshot button.
    3. Give yourself an optional username* and click Connect to Upshot.

    If MetaMask has it listed in it’s database, it will be displayed and you can select it. At that point you click Next and confirm you want to add it to your assets by clicking Add Token.

    1. Note you also see the balance of this token associated with the account.
    2. The search box will only recognize token names and not addresses. We’ll use an address to add a token in the Custom Token section.
  • To add a token MetaMask doesn’t recognize, select the Custom Token tab.
  • Paste the token contract address into the Token Contract Address box.
    1. The token symbol will usually auto populate, but in case it doesn’t, click the Edit link and change appropriately. You can’t change the decimal count.
  • *An alternate way of manually adding an unrecognized token is directly in Etherscan.

    Slippage is the change in price in percentages that you’re ok with the price of the assets changing up or down.

  • You can automatically select either 2% or 3%, or you can set your own slippage tolerance with the custom button.
  • Click the “Review Swap” button. You’ll see a cute little animation of the fox head for a few seconds, then on the next page you get the Estimated Network and Max Network fees, the estimated quantity of asset you’ll be getting, and a link that opens a popup with more details of each of the possible transactions.
  • Once you’ve made sure everything looks good, click the Swap button and watch the magic happen.
  • Once the swap begins, you’ll see a details page with a hotlink that will take you to the transaction page on etherscan.
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