Biggest nft drops 2022

Cath is also deep in the NFT space, and when she’s not spelunking through frozen caves and capturing aurora borealis, she can often be found advocating for her favorite project – the cult classic CryptoDickbutts. – MM


Compusophy is an anonymous artist that melds tech and visual art. Having burst onto the scene towards the beginning of 2021, he first started gaining a following through minimalistic, geometric pieces that many felt were an homage to blue-chip artist Pak.

After an abrupt disappearance in April that shocked many in his collector community, the enigmatic creator returned to the NFT space and hit the ground running with numerous giveaways, Twitter analytics events, and auctions. Having garnered support from numerous prominent crypto artists, it seems likely Compu will continue to outdo himself in 2022.

Biggest nft drops 2022

When items are sold on this marketplace, owners of Meta Triads NFTs will receive a portion of the income, which will be distributed in $TRIA – the marketplace’s native transactional token. Ultimately, the combination of valuable digital art and the potential for passive income makes Meta Triads one of the most exciting NFT projects this year.

3. Guild of Guardians – Upcoming NFT Game in Pre-Alpha Phase

Guild of Guardians is an upcoming fantasy play-to-earn (P2E) game where players can team up and earn rewards.

By employing leading Web3 technologies, the Guild of Guardians team aims to offer a mobile RPG that will foster NFT adoption by a whole new demographic of gamers.

Biggest nft drops january 2022

Additionally, the holders with collaborations with other projects as well will receive airdrops and other special benefits!

17. Universe in a Cube

NFT is planning to build a site here. The NFTs have a tie-in to future games as the theme.

There are 25000 cubes total, which form 10,000 packs. Further, each group comprises 2 to 5 cubes. This platform will offer superb features to all users to please them.

Average price: 0.09 ETH per pack

Twitter Account: @uCubeNFT


Discord: Universe in a Cube

18. Reflective Collective

It is another NFT that has a collection of 10,000 tokens.
This platform arises intended to build a robust community that loves art and fashion. Digital artist Jay Cheri is an essential part of the team launching this NFT.

But in the case of her record-setting one-of-one crystal token, it certainly wasn’t particularly affordable.Billed as the package for theultimate fan, this token would entitle them to benefits such as an “all-expenses paid, VIP flyaway experience for two,” including dinner with Doja before one of her shows and access to every gold tier NFT from Doja’s collection forever.

Once it was available, this token was sold for an incredible $188,000, out-selling Hov.

Nas Auctions His Royalties

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Over the course of his illustrious career, Nas has been regularly accused of beingresistant to new beats,never mind new technologies. But as part of what has been a bold new paradigm for QB’s finest, Mr. Jones decided to enter the metaverse.

Biggest nft drops 20220

Meta Triads – Exciting NFT Project with Passive Income Potential

Another top NFT project to be aware of is Meta Triads. The Meta Triads collection comprises 10,000 NFTs, each depicting a cyberpunk-themed character. Each Meta Triad will be defined as a Human, Humanoid, or Hybrid – with one rare Meta Triad being unassigned and part of a broader storyline.
However, besides the unique digital art, Meta Triad ownership also comes with other exciting benefits.

The most notable benefit is that owning a Meta Triad NFT will provide you with shares in the Meta Triads Marketplace. The team behind Meta Triads is developing an aggregator marketplace, which will allow fashion brands to present their clothing items virtually.

Biggest nft drops 20226

In terms of where the value comes in, that is all formulated in the “non-fungible” aspect, which essentially means that it is wholly unique and cannot be substituted or reproduced.

In recent times, NFTs and the exclusivity that they harbor means that they basically function in the same way as collector’s items or rare, physical art. This degree of scarcity has meant that a sizable price point often goes along with an NFT. For example, creations from Mike Winkelmann’s Beeple range have commanded price tagsthat are as eye-watering as $69 million.

Generally, discussing the concept can either spark skepticism or fervent enthusiasm depending on who you ask.

Biggest nft drops 20221

After slowly releasing wide variety of pieces and projects, the anonymous artist developed his own signature style through trial and error, gaining popularity in the NFT space.

After being involved with numerous projects throughout the year — including the successful Nouns NFT project — the enigmatic creator came out with the now massively popular CrypToadz collection. While Gremplin has only just begun to truly define his own artistic identity in the NFT space, with the seemingly full support of the NFT community at his disposal, exciting new endeavors from the independent creative seem inevitable in 2022.

– LT


(1/6) Over the weekend I silently released a 20ETH crowdfund for my forthcoming project, I’M TIRED OF BEING HYPERSURVEILLED, and we’re already at 3.75ETH ($16,241.44)!!

I felt the need to write an open letter & thread to talk more about it all

— HENO.eth 🇪🇹🇪🇷 (@mynameisheno) December 7, 2021

A first-generation Ethiopian/Eritrean-American artist and musician whose work focuses on the Black consciousness, Heno channeled his toxic experiences with law enforcement into a fourteen-track album titled “I’m Tired Of Being Hypersurveilled” with an ongoing 20 ETH crowdfund. In October, he performed at the opening of Umba Daima’s Crossroads Exhibition NFT gallery in Atlanta and has been a vocal advocate for Black creatives in the space.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a massive compilation of 20,000 mutant apes. Mutant ApeApe results from the exposure of previous Bored Ape to the bottle of mutant serum. In addition, the process of minting can also lead to the creation of mutant apes during public sales.

The designer of these apes tries to put some exclusive elements in every ApeApe to distinguish them from the others.

Average price: 5.04 ETH, an average of 7 days

Owners: 8639 Owners

7 Day Volume: 3,893.15 ETH.

Total Volume: 76,871.37 ETH

Twitter Account: @babymutantape


CyberKongz is the exclusive and randomly generated NFTs social avatar. They can be 2D or 3D and customized for the online experience in NFT.

According to the feedback offered by our Experty members, different interesting multi-purpose NFT projects are here to follow in February 2022. We have received information about the new, upcoming projects like XWorld Games, CrashPunks, League of Ancient, Guild of Guardians, Savage, Celopunks, Cross Boss, Solsand, BigTime, Metafluence, Sidus, Magic Beasties, Oxya Origin, Second Live, Dead Fellaz, Hapebeast, and many more. These projects are based on the different blockchain networks like Solana, Ethereum, EOS, etc.

Crypto, DeFi, and NFTs are rolling out unprecedented opportunities for retail investors. Right now, top NFTs are the talk of the town, and folks are minting millions from their blockchain-based “JPEGs.”

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Q3 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

You don’t need to look far.
OpenSea is on average transacting over $1 billion in trading volumes every month, and it looks like the wave is picking up. Their financial boat—now yacht—is rising with the tide for the savvy and those doing their due diligence.

Many value investors have given up on their strategy over the last 15 years amid concerns that value investing no longer worked.

Different NFTs projects are announcing the different use-cases and purposes like; collections of top-quality aesthetic arts, women-related NFT items, NFTs related to the real-world addresses for the real estate industry like Upland, sport-related NFT like Delta Time, and many more. As the craze on blockchain technology is ongoing, NFT-based projects are the most marketable blockchain implementations so, many projects are trying to fulfill the growing demands in the digitalized world. It is worth mentioning that the NFT based game Axie Infinity managed to grab public attention in 2021 as its native tokens AXS exploded more than 50% within several days and investors managed to grab decent amounts of profits.

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