Big bugs nft

big bugs nft

Send the transaction through MetaMask and pay the gas fee.

The contract contains a bug that will immediately list your newly-minted rock for sale for free. To remedy this, hit “7. sell rock” immediately after your transaction has been confirmed, and enter your rock number and list it for sale.

You can sell it through the contract, or, if you want to HODL, enter an impossibly high price, such as 100000000000000000000000000000000000000.

This price is quoted in wei, the smallest denomination of ETH. You’ll have to pay gas once again to list your rock for sale.

Although both projects allude to rocks, NFTs from neither project have on-chain records of rock images.

Big bugs nft

Serious inquiries only – [email protected] ($10,000 minimum budget)

Building A Community For Your NFT Collection

You’ll need a twitter. Crypto Twitter is where all the NFT marketing goes on.

Then, once you have some audience, you direct them to discord, which is more interactive and a platform for the community to talk amongst themselves.

Once you launch, you can set up Collab.Land, to make gated discord channels where only verified Hodlers of your NFT have access to the chat. This is particularly valuable for high priced collections like bored apes.

You kind of do NEED these things not only for marketing, but also because they are good to have to release official announcements from your team.

There’s a lot of scammers out there that will pretend to be you if your project is successful.

Big Bugs NFT Roadmap

10% Sold out – 1x Rolex Giveaway, 5 x PS5 Giveaway, 5 x Iphone 13 Pro Giveaway. – 7.5 ETH To Charity Wallet & 7.5 ETH to Marketing & community Wallet. 7.5 ETH spent straight away on Marketing/ads.

25% SOLD OUT – 1 x Rolex Giveaway, 3 x Custom RTX 3080 Gaming PCs. 20x Big Bug NFTs swept off floor and given away to community. – A total of 18.75 ETH has now gone to the Charity wallet & 12.5 ETH to the Marketing & Community wallet. More targeted Ads & influencer marketing.

50% sold out (REVEAL!) – 1 x Tesla Model S Giveaway (Or ETH USD equivalent). First holder Airdrop announced. Bugs will now be revealed and visible in your wallet on Opensea.

– A total of 37.5 ETH has now gone to the Charity wallet & 25 ETH to the Marketing & Community wallet. More targeted Ads & influencer marketing.

We switched our name to No Fun Toads – because NFTs are very serious business.

Here is one of my animated news round ups about the pivot. I create these animated news round ups relatively quickly/cheaply using Adobe Character Animator.

Developing Your NFT’s Roadmap

While the utility of an NFT is the art, a lot of projects have roadmaps.

Some promise scavenger hunts, live events, animated shows and game integration. The limit to your roadmap is your imagination on what you can do with the money to support your community after the initial sale.

Initially, Cryptoads roadmap included a gated social media site we called “The Pond”.
But then our name changed, metalink launched and we got wiser.

Finding Your NFTs Brand Voice & Concept

NFTs are like immersive theater on the internet.

My favorite example of a project creating its own brand voice is Jay Pegs Automart. They pretend they are a certified pre-owned 2007 Kia Sedona Dealer in Florida and their marketing is hilarious.

Their launch was hacked for $3 million and they responded to the hacker and resolved the situation all in their brand voice of a used car dealer. It’s a perfect example of staying in your created NFT world.

For me, I like word play and I like to educate.

So initially my concept was Cryptoads, and their mission was to “Unite The Metaverse” with educational content, a gated social media site and an animated news show.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, our name was (innocently) taken when a project called Cryptoadz stealth launched before we did.

These days, an EtherRock NFT sells for well over a million dollars. One of the reasons why the useless rock JPEGs command such princely sums is because the four-year-old collection is limited to a hundred, and it’s impossible to mint any more.

If you’ve missed out, fear not: a few weeks ago, a developer resurrected an even older version of the 2017 Pet Rock-inspired NFT project, abandoned by EtherRock’s developer because a bug lets anyone mint an unlimited number of NFTs—and all they have to pay is Ethereum’s gas fee.

Now called We Like The Rocks, the once-abandoned project has attracted big-ticket NFT investors, who are already snapping up resold rocks for huge amounts.

Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk spent 60 ETH ($194,000) on three rocks last night, and YouTube personality Logan Paul said he “literally left dinner” to snag two rocks for $60,000 and $95,000.

Hopefully, they’ll get first access to a lot of fun and profitable new ideas by gating access to toad holders only at first.

So if you dig No Fun Toads, please visit our shop and mint a toad – And if they’re sold out, find us on OpenSea (make sure it’s the real project collection by checking our Twitter –

And join our Discord:


I hope you found this big picture NFT collection outline helpful. I also hope you enjoyed the No Fun Toad videos and like the idea of watching me experiment with it and build in public.

Please Mint a toad, find me on twitter @ peerthrough to stay up to date. Or sign up for the Peer through newsletter.

It’s a shame people were taken in by it,” he said.

Not everyone shares the EtherRock developer’s criticisms.

“It’s beautiful that a bug from 2017 now creates the possibility to create the biggest and most minted NFT project ever,” Marcus Frogelius, who owns the 21st rock from the old contract, told Decrypt.

The project commands scarcity by numbering rocks but allows anyone to mint rocks, he said. “It’s exactly the unique formula a massive NFT community has been missing.”

Uxt, who owns rock #24, told Decrypt that the first 100 rocks are valuable due to their low number. “Past that, I suspect, people will prefer special numbers, repeating numbers, area codes, and so on.

Embrace it.— Sillytuna 💯 (@sillytuna) May 8, 2021


MoonCatRescue launched in 2017 and right off the bat had a pretty big flaw in their contract.

The MoonCats Official FAQs page asks the question: Are you getting paid for this?

The reply:

Nope. We intended to collect ether from the sale of the genesis cats. As it turns out however, a fix we made during our QA process led to those funds being locked away forever.

But that is okay.”

When the MoonCat was adopted “`transferCat(catId, catOwners[catId], msg.sender, offer.price), the funds are sent to “`require(catOwners[catId] != 0x0. Double checking that it works in testing would have solved this issue.

The higher-ups can be particular when it comes to ranking Atama. The distinct difference between a rank 1 and a rank 2 Atama is whether or not it is capable of using Norowareta Tekunikku “Cursed Techniques” 呪われたテクニック.

Each Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) are expected to take on missions involving Atama of the same level. A Rank 2 Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) should be able to defeat a Rank 2 Atama because their skill level is closer to the strength of a Rank 1 Atama.

Norowareta Dogu are also categorized from rank 1 to Special based on power and potency.
The higher the grade, the greater advantage in battle. All Special Rank Norowareta Dogu are imbued with a Norowareta Tekunikku.


Your Characters can be staked and earn you $JUMON and $NOROI every day. The higher the rank, the higher the yield per day.

We want to call this our Gamified Platform, the start of all o the utilities you will benefit from shortly.


When staked, the NFT will be placed in an escrow account and removed from your wallet. We have taken this approach to remain competitive in the market and for the streamline the revenue-sharing process.

– When you un-stake, the NFT will be returned to your wallet.

– While your NFT is staked, you can harvest $NOROI/$JUMON at any time.


You will be able to yield $NOROI/$JUMON daily but simply holding your Norowareta Uchu NFTs.

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