Best site to sell nft art

best site to sell nft art

Below are the other cryptocurrency that you can buy on the OpenSea marketplace:

  • WETH
  • USDC
  • DAI.

These are the core cryptocurrencies you can utilize for OpenSea.

What are the payment options for OpenSea?

OpenSea is the only platform that allows cryptocurrency exchanges on the website. You can easily purchase or sell cryptocurrency on reliable platforms using fiat currency. All you have just connect your debit or credit card to Paypal to complete the exchange.

Does OpenSea have a desktop or mobile app?

As previously mentioned there’s an official mobile app by OpenSea available for both iOS and Android. Download it at their respective app store, and you can start browsing through the collection right now!

A desktop application for OpenSea that can be downloaded through WebCatalog.

Best site to sell nft art


KnownOrigin is a creative marketplace where you can acquire authentic pieces of digital art. Every digital artwork on KnownOrigin is original and truly limited edition.

Creators use the platform to sell their work directly to collectors who value authenticity.
It’s also secured by Ethereum’s blockchain technology, so buyers know it’s secure and has been verified by an impartial third party curator.


  • Runs on the Ethereum network.
  • Artists get 85% of the sale while KnownOrigin gets 15%.
  • For secondary sales, 2.5% goes to the platform, 12.5% for the artist (primary creator), and 85% for the seller.


NFT artworks and other assets are changing the landscape by which artists promote and sell their artworks. It’s not just a fad.

Best place to sell nft art

Sellers are responsible for the authenticity or legality of items described as genuine and must be able to provide evidence of authenticity.

Artists and art sellers who operate a standalone store on Shopify can link their Shopify store to eBay to facilitate sales. While anything can be sold successfully and for a profit on eBay, art is not one of the auction site’s top-selling categories.
In fact, we believe that eBay works best for artists when it’s used as one sales channel among one or more others.

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8. Printful


Visit Site

Best for sellers who want to sell designs only without the hassle of shipping.

Not every artist has physical products to sell.

Top sites to sell nft art

You can always burn some of these later if you want to create more scarcity for your NFTs.

For each item or NFT, you will have to provide a few details, including:

  • Digital artwork (image, video, audio, 3D model)
  • Name
  • External link
  • Description
  • Collection (if you have more collections created)
  • Special properties
  • Unlockable content
  • Supply
  • Blockchain

Since we are talking about how to create and sell your NFTs for free, it is important to select the Polygon blockchain, instead of Ethereum, the default one.

Most of you have heard that Ethereum is the blockchain for NFTs, but there are other blockchains that support smart contracts and NFT minting.

Best place to sell your nft art


SuperRare is a marketplace where people can buy and sell unique, single-edition digital artworks. Each work of art is authentically created by an artist in the network and tokenized as a collectible digital item that you can own and trade.
It is a place where art meets technology, for sure.

On top of that, SuperRare also offers the $RARE token which allows holders to participate in the governance of the entire network.

That said, as with other NFT marketplaces, all artworks sold are unique, which gives artists a place to safely buy, sell, and trade artworks with other people.

Not only that, It also acts as an online social experience, offering a new way to connect artists, creatives, and collectors on the internet.

Best platform to sell nft art

It also operates using the Polygon blockchain, which allows for low-cost and quicker trading.

There are two types of blockchains it is possible to choose which one you would like to transfer your NFT to as an seller. This ensures the safety of your NFT and the people who want to buy it.
All transactions will be made by using the blockchain, and you must consider where to upload it.

OpenSea: NFT Collection Galore

At OpenSea it’s an online shopping mall that is endless where you can exchange your NFTs or cryptocurrency for other NFTs. It is possible to purchase anything the simplest domain name, to a piece of art by an artist you admire.

Best way to sell nft art

However, for the point of our guide on how to create and sell NFTs for free, it makes no difference, and that’s why we will choose Single.

Then you will have to enter all the details of your new NFT, including:

  • Digital file (image, video or audio)
  • Choose the listing type (fixed price, bids, timed auction)
  • Price
  • Unlockable content
  • Collection (choose Rarible for free minting)
  • Free minting (you need to enable this)
  • Name
  • Description
  • Royalties

It’s important to choose the Rarible (RARI) collection if you want to benefit from the free minting feature.

Also, you need to make sure that the Free minting option is enabled, which is actually the lazy minting option on Rarible.

Best marketplace to sell nft art

We’ll tell you how to make your own token using Opensea.

How to make NFT art

To create NFT art you need to:

  1. Open the site
  2. Open your Metamask wallet.
  3. Click Create in the upper right corner of the main page.
  4. In the field marked with a dotted line, put your file that will be turned into NFT. The system accepts only JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, and GLTF files. The maximum file size is 40 MB.
  5. Give a name to your creation, and if necessary write down a description and also give the name of the collection.
  6. Press the Create button and your token is ready!

How to sell NFT art

When it comes to NFT selling, you need to follow some simple steps to sell your NFT art.

Best place to sell nft art reddit

So you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’d like to use your iPad to display a digital art motif on your living room wall.

The seller pays 4.25% of the transaction price to the marketplace (but not the buyer). Therefore, you will only receive USD 95.75 if you sell an Axie Infinity NFT for 100 USD.

As a commission, we pay the remaining portion of the sale price to Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity. In addition, AXS token holders will receive rewards from The Community Treasury starting in 2021.

Gas fees are the only fees that a buyer needs to consider.

Fees are divided into four categories depending on the vehicle’s speed – Slow, Standard, Fast, and Rapid. Various fees are charged for different categories and types of transactions. The following is a snapshot.

Best website to sell nft art

The platform places a particular focus on the arts: creators can send sneak peeks to followers while permitting ownership only to purchasers through minting new NFTs which allows buyers and sellers instant access while still retaining attribution rights.


  • Runs on the Ethereum network.
  • Charges 2.5% from sellers and buyers, but seller can set it to take all 5%.
  • Artists receive 10% commission for each time their artwork is traded in the market (as royalty).

4. Mintable

Mintable is the simplest way to join the blockchain revolution through creativity.

You can choose the ‘Fixed price’ to sell your art instantly at one fixed price that you need to set. If you select the ‘Unlimited Auction’ option, you allow people to bid on the work until your satisfaction.

You can sell to the highest bidder after you think that the price is satisfactory. Then, the third option is ‘Timed Auction,’ which allows you to set a time about how long the auction will last.

But note that if you choose to set your NFT art price too low or at a minimum level, it may not be profitable.

The high fees will eat up your profit. So, it is better to set your art price a little ambitiously and start it at 1 ETH, which is currently USD 3165.31. Then you can give a week to bid for your NFT artwork.


Write A Description of Your Art

Make sure that you add a description of your NFT art.

Best site to sell nft art-

The NFT grants a certification that gives the buyer authenticity and ownership rights of that exclusive moment. Since its inception in 2021, the sales of special moments have drastically increased.

Owing to a trend on Twitter, moments were traded for millions of dollars, the video of drunk LeBron bought for a whopping amount of $208,000. 8. Axie Infinity

Launched – 2020

Axie Infinity is a digital game that allows online users to raise, fight battles and collect animated creatures named Axies.

Gamers can digitally own their farms and kingdoms and strengthen their power to collect Axies.

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