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Since then, famed auction house Sotheby’s has also announced plans to sell NFTs.

For multimillion-dollar digital artists like Mike Winkelmann — more commonly known as Beeple — platforms like Super Rare, Foundation, and Nifty Gateway allow buyers to pick from carefully curated work. Nifty Gateway co-founders Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster told Insider their company works one-on-one with artists.

“One of the coolest things about Nifty Gateway is that there are all these artists who basically only existed on Instagram or Twitter who were creating all this really special work, but never had a way to make money from it,” Griffin Cock Foster told Insider.

Best nft news sites

Ethereum blockchain. There is an extraordinary opportunity for the holders of Cool Cats. They can only participate in events like NFT claims, community giveaways, and more.

There are certain traits and features of each cat.

Further, they have various outfits, faces, and colors that make them more relaxed. The unique body, hat, face, and company of each cat is another feature of Cool Cats.

These features elevate their incredibility. You can change these features as well, so the possibilities are endless.

Average Price: 7.61ETH, an average of 7 days

Owners: 4539 Owners

7 Day Volume: 6,251.69ETH

Total Volume: 34,357.41 ETH.

Twitter Account: @coolcatsnft


Discord: Cool Cats


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We cover Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and other blockchains.

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Nft evening is the best website for NFT news. Learn everything about non-fungible tokens: including top NFT collectibles and the best blockchain games that even let you earn free crypto! Whether you want to invest in NFTs, create NFTs or simply collect them, NFTevening is the first stop for all the NFT news you need!

upcomingnft is an enthusiastic platform that is dedicated to providing information about upcoming nft launches, drops, events, auctions, giveaways etc.

We respect each person’s time and work in joining the non-fungible movement.

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Buyers have a crypto wallet funded with Ethereum and start making purchases from the Platform.

Buy Enjin for NFTs

Your capital is at risk

13.Nifty Gateway – Best NFT Marketplace for Content Creators exclusively

Nifty Gateway is a blockchain-powered, crypto art ecosystem created by the crypto exchange Gemini. As of now, they allow only some of the most popular digital artists such as Beeple and singer/musician Grimes.

Every artist on the site creates their own Nifties (electronic machine immune fragile), or individual token of value which typically contains a photography collecting footage series.

Rather than storing purchases in your own wallet, Nifty Gateway stores them in an off–site location for you.

Best nft news website

Each Mystery Pack includes a one-of-a-kind, randomly chosen NFT in one of four rarity levels: N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare), and SSR (Super Super Rare) (Super Super Rare).

Users can access this purchased mystery box at their own convenience, and they can also trade it unopened.

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4. FTX – New Player with Immense Potential

FTX is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange focusing on derivatives and leveraged products.
FTX was founded in 2018 by Sam Bankman-Fried, an MIT graduate and former Jane Street Capital ETFs trader. FTX offers industry-leading futures, options, volatility products, and leveraged tokens, alongside staking.
It seeks to create a platform that is both robust and intuitive for professional trading firms and first-time users.

It recently launched a new NFT marketplace on its platform.

The value of art is in the beholder, after all.

4.NBA Top Shot Marketplace

One of the first NFT series to gain traction with the wider public, NBA Top Shot is a set of digital trading cards featuring NBA video highlight clips. Once you purchase a pack, clips are stored in your secure, encrypted blockchain-verified wallet, where you can view them or re-sell them on the NBA Top Shot Marketplace.

The secret to NBA Top Shot’s success is that creators Dapper Labs have made it simple for the mainstream user to get started.

The easiest way to sign up for NBA Top Shot is to link your Google account to Dapper, after which you’ll be asked to enter your phone number for SMS authentication.

Following that, there are a few account setup steps to go through, including selecting your favorite team.

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Blockchain offers first-level security to your digital currency, holding it secure from all the hackers and stealers. In the present era, its vitality has uplifted the concept of purchasing digital arts.

There is also a concept that the tokens of NFTs store additional information associated with music, art, videos, pictures, and more.

This article is a roadmap with many options for NFTs. You can choose any of them that you think will suit you the best.

All of them are specific in traits and features. They customize tokens from every NFT in an attractive manner that you feel attracted to them.

However, the hype of NFTs is worth the importance it holds. People are more towards online and digital currencies as the demand of today and the security issues.
The idea of developing NFTs has revolutionized the world and made a lot of things easy for humankind.

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The submission is free! In addition, we feature some drops on our website where it will be on the top of our upcoming page with a green badge.

Contact us in order to set up the date and length of the promotion.

To cut a long story short, you provide your drop with more exposure by adding it to Nifty word upcoming page. Sounds tempting?

  1. NFT Calendar

NFT Calendar is the first calendar in the NFT space.

they cover the most eye-catching drops, exciting events, and high-profile releases that keep the wheels of the Non-Fungible Token industry turning! The mission of the NFT Calendar is to support the creators and contribute to their development in the crypto art field.

This app provides a clean interface, free from the clutter found on the more popular marketplaces. You can see top-selling Decentralised NFTs so you know what people are currently looking at in the space.

Many view the Rarible platform as the biggest competitor to OpenSea.

It’s also an Etheruem-based marketplace on the rise. Raribles user-friendliness enables creators to make more money on the platform.
It also supports collectibles images in addition to cards, enabling creators to create many unique images, rather than just one card image.

Launched in 2020, Rarible is a community-owned platform that facilitates NFT minting and sales. It focuses on collectibles and art. Rarible features a simple minting process that lets people create NFTs without coding knowledge.
Sellers can even create more than one NFT for a single image.

The design of the website is sleek and professional, rivaling anything out on the market right now.

Each of the artists have well-written bios that explain their work, elaborating their vision well. They also put an extra emphasis on collecting entire sets from an owner.

Each card you own will have its own qualities attached to it. You may unlock different ones depending on what you get.

You can also obtain bonuses if you have entire sets of cards. Although the platform is not as accessible to those who aren’t already interested in NFTs, the platform has provided unique, innovative ideas for the NFT space.

Games Marketplaces


Axie Infinity

If you like strategy games and cute creatures, Axie Infinity will be your cup of tea. In it, you can create a team of monsters, or Axie, to battle other monsters using your collected Axie cards.

Public Sale will be a Dutch Auction that will decrease from a maximum of 0.3 ETH to a minimum of 0.15 ETH.

Fire Sale mint is on March 26, 2022 7:00 PM UTC Public Sale mint is on March 27, 2022 7:00 PM UTC

Official links are :

While now in the roadmap is completed

  • Free NFT Giveaways
  • Donation of $50,000 to the Red Cross

They are also allocating 25% of mint funds for the longevity of the project, as well as 50% of royalties. Embers are implementing a DAO system so that every holder can have a say in the project.

Another important thing is the Staking that will give the opportunity to holders to earn tokens.

Their price is set in ETH and users can buy them using specialized NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea.

Hopefully, this list of NFT tools will help you discover the best NFTs to invest in. Some premium options are useful for avid collectors who need an NFT tool to keep track of their portfolios. All in all, you can use these NFT platforms to get all sorts of insights to help you develop your personal strategy for NFT investment.

NFTs can be hard to keep up with, so why not join BeInCrypto’s Discord server to ensure you’re on top of everything?

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