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However, because it is a real asset, there is a chance of losing your paper wallet!

This NFT wallet supports MAC and Windows only.

KeepKey- Good for Security

KeepKey distinguishes itself from leading competitors such as Trezor and Ledger by enhancing security. KeepKey does not operate on any operating system, making malware almost impossible to infect. It is a simple and easy-to-use USB-enabled gadget. Since KeepKey only supports 35 coins. It is an excellent choice for casual wallet users.

Exodus- Good for Desktop

Exodus is an excellent desktop wallet. The program is completely anonymous and may be used to trade cryptocurrency. Real-time charts are available, and Exodus offers support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Like some other exchange programs, Exodus works with Trezor wallets.

Best nft blockchain

You can view so many marketplaces for NFT using Math wallet.

The only prevalent risks here are related to backup, which you can create on your own and apart from it basic security issues that a user can prevent if he is careful.

  1. Alpha Wallet

Founded in – 2017Founder – James Brown

Alpha Wallet is also an ethereum blockchain based wallet. One of the prominent reasons why users choose it is because it is so simple to use and you can collect any kind of NFT you like.

It functions on both Android and IOS.
The most special feature of this wallet is that it has a whole segment dedicated specially for NFT dealings.

Best nft blockchain games

Trezor- A top cold wallet

Another popular wallet is Trezor, developed by Satoshi Labs, Inc. Trezor is available as a desktop application or as a web-based service.

This platform offers a number of coins, near about 1000+. A user-generated pin on the LED display ensures to shield the hardware.

In addition, it provides the plug-in and connects option to avail access from your device.

Trezor’s advantage is its compatibility with other popular programs such as MetaMask. You can harness benefits from both cold storage and various third-party apps.

However, this NFT wallet supports only Windows and Linux OS.

SafePal S1- an affordable cold wallet

Since SafePal’s design resembles a credit card, it slips easily inside your wallet. It deploys a local QR connection rather than a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.
This optimizes security.

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Essentially, BSC isn’t either a Layer 2 or off-chain scalability solution — it’s a totally independent blockchain able to function even if Binance Chain goes down.

BNB is the native utility token of the entire Binance ecosystem. It’s used for both BSC and Binance Chain. The BNB token is used for running smart contracts on BSC and paying transaction fees on the Binance Chain and Binance DEX.

Binance Smart Chain is dependent on a system of 21 validators. It runs on the proof-of-staked-authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism that supports short block time and grants lower fees. Because BSC is compatible with the EVM, it enables developers to smoothly port their projects over from the Ethereum blockchain, which consequently grants support for a wealth of BSC tools and dApps.

Best nft blockchain projects

Some of them look damn cool.

They are linked with many impactful charities and donate around 10% to them to play their crucial role in making the world better. The launch of distinct features with time makes them advanced.

The release of a part named “The Banana Shop” proves beneficial for them. It adds perks to their victory by heightening Banana Tokens and the 2D CyberKongz.

You can find other similar NFT games projects: 15 Best NFT Games for 2022 (Ranked)

Average price: 9.89 ETH, an average of 7 days

Owners: 1254 Owners

7 Day Volume: 3,955.75 ETH

Total Volume: 17,129.31 ETH.

Twitter Account: @CyberKongz


Discord: CyberKongz


As it uses Proof of History combined with Proof of Stake, the delay in block generation does not happen, thus making the blockchain insanely fast and reasonably decentralized.

On the other hand, Ethereum is lacking in providing a better user experience for both developers as well as mainstream users. Even with layer 2 solutions, the gas fee on the Ethereum blockchain network is still pretty high.
As a result, it creates more entry barriers, making users opt-out for a better alternative.

Right now, the better alternative is Solana. The best way to understand why people are stacking more and more SOL is to download a Phantom wallet and play around with different Solana projects.
Once you experience the ecosystem from the inside, you will see how fast and cheap Solana really is. It feels like using the internet.

C++ is the key programming language that enables the blockchain to launch high-performing smart contracts. However, noteworthy is that EOS can actually support any language that compiles into WebAssembly (WASM).

When it comes to performance metrics, EOS is able to conduct around 4,000 transactions per second with an average confirmation time of 0.5 seconds. As for the fee structure, technically EOS doesn’t charge any gas or transaction fees. However, users are required to deposit some EOS coins to register their wallets on the blockchain and keep those coins staked. As well as this, it’s important to highlight that in 2020 EOS introduced a new NFT standard called AtomicAssets.

You have plenty of options to buy and sell your NFTs at various marketplaces because this wallet offers exchange options.

  1. Coinbase Wallet

Founded in – 2018

Founder- Brian Armstrong

Coinbase is one of the leading crypto and NFT wallets. Basically, coinbase started with a site and now it has its own wallet.

It supports ETH chain NFTs. Along with NFTs you get access to around 44k crypto assets.

It is non-custodial and a dApp. Security wise this wallet is very strong but the website is not so strong.

There are many cases in which users were hacked and compromised.

Actually, their website is a separate company and their wallet is managed separately.

CryptoArt movement. CryptoPunks project enables its users to trade and store 10000 unique collectible characters generated uniquely using Proof-of-Ownership stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. By providing art ownership that can be transferred smoothly and continuously between users, this project is creating a decentralized digital art market. Its website describes itself as the first “NFT” on the Ethereum Blockchain network and an inspiration for the ERC-721 standard, powering most digital artworks and collectibles.

Are you a beginner in the Blockchain space? Get started today as a Certified Blockchain Expert with Blockchain Council!


Founded in 2017, it is a marketplace for single-edition digital artworks that uses an ERC-721 token that is traceable and cryptographically secured to represent each digital artwork.

Since anyone can become a validator, but only if they have a lot of computing power, which creates a potential problem of centralization, which is perhaps the only drawback of this technology. “

Polygon (MATIC)

Gas Fees – $ 0.002 Consensus – PoS (Proof of Stake)

Polygon is a blockchain technology running on the Ethereum Internet network. It was created due to scalability issues in Ethereum.

It is essentially a second-tier or add-on on top of Ethereum that allows faster transactions at a lower cost than the main blockchain. At the same time, it has the same level of security as Ethereum.

Another nice feature is the clear UX, which simplifies the entry threshold for new users.


Gas Fees – $ 0.4 Consensus – PoS (Proof of Stake)

Another great blockchain for minting NFT.

Players can develop their avatars to access various games.

The Sandbox Marketplace is an NFT marketplace for players to trade in-game assets with SAND-USD. The virtual goods created on the platform can be monetized as NFTs and sold for SAND-USD tokens.

Venture capital group Softbank (OTCMKTS:SFTBY) recently invested $93 million in The Sandbox, contributing to bullish momentum around the cryptocurrency.

SAND-USD hit an all-time high of $8.44 on Nov. 25. The metaverse coin has returned around 14,000% YTD. It currently hovers at $5.10, down about 40% from its peak value.

On the date of publication, Tezcan Gecgil did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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