Base nft character

However, from a gameplay perspective their RPG-inspired characteristics are much more important. Each of them has hit points, attack power, critical hit chance, defense, and dodge chance. These traits give the NFT characters utility in the game, allowing players to earn MYTE tokens.

As you might expect, the higher the stats the stronger a character becomes. Some characters will be better at absorbing damage, functioning like a tank, while others deal more damage. These differences per character will likely influence your tactics in the turn-based strategy gameplay.

Missions, PVE and PVP

In an effort to stop the Underlord of the Old World, the five Pepper clans need to leave Pepper World behind and move to the Summon Gate to enter the Mythical World.

Base nft character

Let’s dive in:

What are traits for NFT art?

NFT traits are attributes, attitudes, characteristics, or categories used to differentiate a design when creating PFP NFTs. For example, PFP NFTs (also known as profile picture NFTs) represent a person, animal, or objective at first.

However, adding these traits adds additional layers to the design, such as clothing, accessories, and facial expressions.

These traits become a valuable aspect to think through when creating your nft project because collectors will look towards which traits are rarest and most valuable.

The more exciting and unoriginal these are, the more hype collectors will have in wanting to collect them. For example, a PFP nft with an ETH earring or chains which make only 1% of all the other traits available could become a reason why the collector buys it in the first place.

The NFT-powered play-to-earn turn-based strategy game Pepper Attack will reopen its minting portal this Friday, allowing the last batch of NFT characters to launch onto the market. The community is now in the middle of the Pepper Palooza, during which they can learn more about the game and join all kinds of giveaways and contests.
However, the big event is the upcoming NFT sale on Friday, September 17th.

The Pepper NFT collection seemingly looks like another NFT avatar project, but these assets can also be used in the Pepper Attack adventure game. In total there will only be 10,000 Mystic Peppers, the playable characters.
Of these, only around 6,000 remain to be minted in the upcoming sale. Let’s take a look at what these NFT characters have to offer…

Each of the NFT characters belongs to one of five clans, for example the Bell or Chili clan.

Base nft characterised

If you find other collectibles, both physical or digital, that make sense, you can include your interpretation.

For example, funko pops are a great collectible, and their mascot ‘Freddy Funko’ has multiple themed figures.

Therefore, Freddy’s Olympics-themed funko pops are an excellent idea for a potential nft collection. Taking it a step further, each nft in the collection could represent all the different sports during the summer and winter Olympics.

Over 33 sports make up the Olympics, and you could build different traits for each nft around each of them.

Why NFT Traits Matter For Creating A Successful Project

Collectors find excitement, pressure, and joy from identifying what makes an nft rare.

When collectors can dig into the differences and compare nfts, it becomes a talking point like no other.

Base nft characterizes

With my layers, I can make 4 x 4 x 3 x 1 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 1 x 4 = 5,184 unique NFTs.

To make 10,000 NFTs, you need 10 layers with 4 variations each.

Of course, it will be very difficult to combine 10,000 images manually. Therefore, you will need NFT-Generator to do so.

First, you need to export the layers from Illustrator as png files.

Then you can insert them into the generator like below:

The number that appears at the top right corner of each variation is the rarity percentage of the variation. You can make any variation rarer by reducing its percentage.

Now you can select the number of NFTs you want.

Base nft characters

The project roadmap includes plans to purchase land plots in metaverse games like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels to turn into graveyards. DeadHead NFT holders will also receive 3D model files of their avatars to use in those games.

But even beyond that, DeadHeads ultimate goal is to fund an animated series.

The Vogu Collective

  • Highest Sale Price (pictured): 26.4 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.4 ETH
  • Official Site:
  • Discord:
  • Edition Size: 7,777
  • Owners: 1.9K
  • Total Volume Traded: 2.8K ETH

The Vogu Collective has an especially distinct art style, combining streetwear fashion with robot characters. Vogu just dropped on July 26, 2021 but it’s quickly gaining traction as one of the hottest projects in the NFT space.

Done) – Website Live and Functioning (Done) – 60 Stories already made live (Done)

— May 21st, 2022 — – 420 more NFT’s are revealed from Easter drop.

— Summer 2022 — – New Series Added – Launch of Ms Rabbity – Competitions launched for writers.

— Autumn/Fall 2022 — – Vote for New Series, – Vote for new features with NFT community

— UNLOCKABLE CONTENT — – For authors of 10 or more stories, new NFT’s will be offered which consolidate the stories in one place as “unlockable content” on Opensea. – As NFT tech develops, if and when they allow the minting of PDF’s or documents; this new functionality will replace unlockable content.


– Stories About A Crypto Rabbit CryptoRabbity is a collection of stories about Rabbity, a half man, half rabbit character that lives on the blockchain.

Can Rabbity and his love escape the clutches of the Synthetic Zombies and find happiness? Or will they be killed before they can even try?”

— FULLY FUNCTIONING WEBSITE LIVE NOW — is a fully functioning Website that is already live…so, no waiting…start reading, or writing Rabbity’s next chapter right now.

On every episode page, you can see the author NFT, and other episodes authored by owner(s) of that NFT. In the above example, the owner(s) of CryptoRabbity #19 has 5 stories that are available to read on

Excerpt 3: R I S E OF THE SYNTHETIC Z O M B I ES “This contraption housed his brain which would have been rotting away years ago were it not for multiple blood transfusions and various other forms medical science had yet to discover.

Moreover, the BAYC team fostered a dedicated community around the project with an extremely active Discord and special benefits for holders. Each BAYC NFT grants entry to a special “Bathroom” section on the official BAYC website where users can write digital graffiti on a communal wall.

Bored Ape Kennel Club

  • Highest Sale Price (pictured): 45 ETH
  • Floor Price: 1.3 ETH
  • Official Site:
  • Discord: Same as BAYC
  • Edition Size: 9.6K
  • Owners: 4.3K
  • Total Volume Traded: 13K ETH

BAYC launched a spin-off project in June 2021 called Bored Ape Kennel Club, wherein every Ape holder could adopt a pet dog NFT for free.


Examples include ‘Smirk,’ ‘Smoking,’ ‘Chuckle,’ ‘Smile,’ and ‘Laughing.’

10. Pants

Examples include ‘Blue Jeans,’ ‘Black Pants,’ ‘Cargo Shorts’, and ‘Yellow Shorts.’

UnCommon NFT Traits


Left-Hand Accessory vs. Right-Hand Accessory

Examples include ‘Golden Ring,’ ‘Two Finger Ring,’ and ‘Brass Knuckles Ring.’

2. Faceplate

Examples include ‘Camo,’ ‘Half Skull,’ ‘Samurai,’ and ‘Diamond.’



Examples include ‘Lightning Bolt’ and ‘Gold Carrot.’

4. Tattoos

Examples include ‘ETH Wings,’ ‘No Hope,’ and ‘Dragon.’



Examples include ‘Diamond Stud,’ ‘Gold Hoop,’ ‘Trio,’ and ‘Mini Hoop.’

6. Paws

Examples include ‘Golden Paws,’ ‘Paws 1,’ and ‘Paws 2.’


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