Astroboy nft

astroboy nft

The average decline of the DeFi concept sector today is 1.38%

The golden financial market shows that the DeFi concept sector has an average decline of 1.38% today. Among the 47 currencies, 13 rose and 34 fell. The leading currencies were HOT (+11.42%), SWFTC (+9.78%), and WICC (+8.06%). Leading currencies are: SUSHI (-10.49%), AST (-9.18%), CRV (-8.26%).

2. Fireblocks applied to be the first whitelisted by Aave Arc

Golden Finance reports that Aave Arc, a licensed version of DeFi lending platform Aave, is preparing for its first deployment. Institutional hosting company Fireblocks has made recommendations to Aave’s governance forum to make it the first whitelisted person at the time of deployment.

Astro boy nft

The project marked the partnership of Tezuka Productions and Double, a blockchain game developer that supports NFT businesses using blockchain technology.

The initial NFT work inspired by the iconic character “Astro Boy” was auctioned on the OpenSea marketplace. “Astro Boy” is a digital mosaic artwork of every original manga manuscript that Osamu Tezuka made.

The auction started on Monday with a starting bid of 0.08 ETH for each NFT. 1000 NFTs were completely sold out in a record-breaking hour.

Hironobu Ueno. in Tokyo, commented

“This sell-out of collectible Art NFT’s demonstrates the demand from collectors and other individuals to own non-fungible tokens…I am pleased that our unique solution was able to facilitate the NFT transactions seamlessly.

It was previously reported that Zora introduced a verification mechanism in February, only supporting artists to apply to join the Zora platform, and said that it will gradually improve, diversify and open the system over time.

8. Burger King and NFT platform Sweet cooperate to launch KeepIt RealMealsNFT campaign

On September 28, Burger King announced the launch of the KeepIt RealMealsNFT event in cooperation with the NFT platform Sweet.
It is reported that Burger King will attach a special QR code to its 6 million lunch boxes, and users can scan to unlock related NFT collections after purchasing the burger.

9. NFT Meta universe Brokoli announced the completion of a $1.9 million financing, DAO Maker etc.

Astro boy ft

Metaverse is a world-leading metaverse infrastructure and platform for world-renowned brands to enter the metaverse ecosystem. Astroboy x Japan is the GameFi NFT in XANA Metaverse, featuring the most sold Japanese comic character Astroboy.

This is also a collaboration with Japan’s regional government and JTB, the largest tourism institution, and JCB, the largest Creditcard institution in Japan.

✨We are so excited to announce about @TheBinanceNFT x @XANAMetaverse x @Astroboyjapan Collaboration #NFTdrop !! 🚀

✅Normal card drop ⏰May 5th at

✅Genesis card drop ⏰May 2nd-5th at

— XANA | Metaverse (We are Hiring!) (@XANAMetaverse) April 29, 2022

Drop Highlights: Astroboy x Japan

Osamu Tezuka wrote and illustrated the popular Manga series Astroboy.

This sale and other upcoming scheduled sales validate that our solution will facilitate the mainstream adoption of NFTs and blockchain technologies across the global gaming and entertainment industries as double helps large scale enterprises successfully incorporate blockchain technologies into their company strategy.”

A Mad, Mad World

Despite regulatory forces’ lack of true recognition, crypto and NFT waves are gradually gaining acceptance among global communities.

Rare interviews with all of The Beatles’ members have been turned into NFTs and are now being auctioned off.

It is reported that Plato Farm will launch a global public beta on September 28, and will launch a prize-winning activity for farm management upgrades during the public beta.

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NFTDUEL,” an NFT trading card game. The game is played via XANA, a metaverse platform and blockchain infrastructure also developed by the company.

These two companies are combining their strengths and partnering with JTB – Japan’s largest travel agency – and their network of tourism resources and local governments to usher in a new era of tourism.

Discover the Charms of Japan With NFTDUEL

The three companies plan to use the world-famous Japanese anime and manga character “Astro Boy” in collaboration with individual regions throughout Japan for the NFT trading card game “NFTDUEL.” Users worldwide can acquire NFT trading cards full of Japanese charm and culture, use them to play, combine to create new ones, as well as buy and sell them for profit.

Tottori Prefecture will be the first collaboration in this new initiative.

Art NFT”, both in motif of Tezuka Osamu’s representative works. The first series features “Astro Boy”, followed by “Black Jack”, and “Phoenix” continuously.

The project also has an aspect of a charity.
Tezuka Osamu always thought of children. He kept writing manga for boy’s manga magazines even when his works targeted for adults were well received. He believed manga should be the thing for children. If Tezuka experienced today’s pandemic once in 100 years, he would surely do something to help children suffering.

Therefore, it’s decided that Tezuka Productions donates 20 percent of the net revenues arising from the project to certain public interest organizations such as UNICEF and the like.

<Mosaic Art NFT

– Background –

For the creation of the art pieces, massive numbers of Tezuka’s manuscripts were exploited.

Tezuka Production’s official NFT project “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu” starts up.

The first series of the digital art NFT project, “Astro Boy” are auctioned and sold from December 13, 2021, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated for charity.

<From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu

Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese manga artist, cartoonist, and animator

His prolific output, pioneering techniques, and innovative redefinitions of genres earned him such titles as “the Father of Manga”, “the Godfather of Manga” and “the God of Manga

Now, “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu”, the digital NFT art project based on numerous manga manuscripts by Tezuka Osamu, is finally revealed as the official NFT works authorized by Tezuka Productions.

Facebook launches a new fund and plans to spend 50 million US dollars to help realize the meta universe

Golden Finance reports that Facebook has announced the launch of a “XR Programs and Research Fund” (XR Programs and Research Fund) to support Metaverse. It is reported that this is a two-year program to fund Facebook’s own projects and external research.

Because the company is exploring the future of online social interaction. According to the announcement, this is the “starting point” of Facebook’s attempt to jointly create the future online meta-universe.
The fund’s initial partners include the Organization of American States, Women in Immersive Tech, and the African organizations Electric South, Africa No Filter and Imisi3D.

The companies will also use the cards to help promote the country in the Metaverse.

NOBORDER.z is the company that develops the NFT Duel game, the Xanalia marketplace, and the Xana NFT metaverse. Earlier in 2022, the same company opened pre-orders for NFT Duel cards containing characters from the Ultraman Netflix anime.

It will sell a limited number of premium cards purchasable with Ethereum, cryptocurrency and credit card until March 2022. It will then sell regular Ultraman NFT cards starting from April 2022.

Many Japanese companies have shown interest in entering the NFT scene in recent months.
Konami and Square Enix are the two companies most interested in joining the market.

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