Afrodroid nft

Sur CryptoVoxels par exemple une parcelle de terrain de 90 m² se vend à 1.29 ETH soit 3.184.268 FCFA.Perspectives

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Afrodroid nft

Afrofuturism is a cultural philosophy of science and history that studies the developing intersection of technology and the African Diaspora culture.Overview of the AfroDroids Non-Fungible Tokens AfroDroids is the name of a community of half Droids and half-humans created by the Afrofuturist artist Anietie. According to the artist, these creations will inhabit the earth in 3045, when no humans are left on earth.
AfroDroids was also created by a secret group of scientists known as “The W.A.” When these scientists saw what the world had become in the year 3000, they created these Droids. They are robots imbued with the consciousness of human beings.
The aim is to use these Droids to turn the world around.

Humans have plundered the earth almost to its very limits. The scourge of global warming is real, and we are not doing enough to curb the existential threat it poses to us all.

How to Get AfroDroids NFT

So far, 12,117 AfroDroids have been minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Network. Each NFT costs 0.07 ETH, and buyers are allowed to buy as many as 20 at a time.

AfroDroids have already created a liquidity pool for its token, but still in the works.

In a bid to continue its goal of preserving the world, AfroDroids has committed 20% of each mint to charity and its girls school Dream Catchers Academy for Girls, a free boarding school for orphans and unprivileged girls. Part of the 20%, as written in the smart contract, will be used to purchase school equipment, books, and fund its school feeding program.

AfroDroids is adamant to give back to society.

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NFTs are without an iota of doubt, one of the biggest technological innovations of the last decade. In a short amount of time, the industry has already become a billion dollars space, but that’s all due to the increasing popularity and use cases.

While NFTs started from collectibles of pictures, it has evolved to gaming.

Gaming companies have expanded their products to become fully immersive with play-to-earn features, which is lacking in traditional games. Blockchain gaming is the new order of gaming.

The benefit of the NFT space is that it has created a large market where everyone can leverage it to create something that could be beneficial to society and not just for selfish reasons.

Several NFT artists, through blockchain, have come up with an innovative gaming project that aims to create a better living earth. This is whatAfroDroidsis all about.

As a last effort to save the human race from devastating climate changes, human consciousness has been uploaded to robots called Afrodroids. The Afrodroids now lives their life as one part human and one part robot.

Living amongst these droids legends have emerged…

Afrodroid Legends is a digital collectible project based on Opensea. The collection consists of a limited number of NFTs created as a collaboration between Swedish Illustrator Nikals and Kenyan 3D Artist Marwin Misiko.
Afrodroid Legends is one part derivative from the original Afrodroids By Owo and one part unique creation by Nikals and Marvin.

As we make groundbreaking technological advancements, evolution is also lurking in the corner. AfroDroids NFT drop took place on September 1, 2021, and they were all sold out within 11 minutes.

Working with Esther Eze, Owo Anietie created the first collection of Droids on April 12, 2021.

They were only seven of them that he created at that time. He named the seven of them the AfroDroid 17s. Although these AfroDroid 17s were aesthetically beautiful, they were of no actual utility. Anietie wanted a combination of utility and beauty. He wanted every collector to have the feeling that their AfroDroid is specifically created for them.

Just like Elon Musk proposed humans have a microchip in their brain so robots won’t have to outsmart us, Anietie created AfroDroids with human consciousness to populate and rule the world to make it a better place.

The best place to stay connected is in our discord and on our official Twitter account

Wen Team?

Everyone wants to know ‘wen marketing?’ and ‘wen moon?’ but we think a more fundamental question is ‘wen team?’ which any good project builder knows MUST include the community! As such, we have been assembling the “AfroDroid Avengers” to help this project to where it needs to be and I (Owo) can boldly say we have our core team members already sorted and working on the project already!

We are working and implementing along every step of the way and I assure every holder that we have a lot to offer.

Thank you Droidfam for believing in us and being patient. Let’s create an awesome 2022!!! — Owo”

From the Community

This announcement got us witnessing some exciting feedback from the community.

Osinachi ont pu vendre leur production à plus d’une dizaine de millions de FCFA. De quoi aiguisé les appétits pour ces nouveaux actifs.

Dans une interviews accordé à Diptyk, Osinachi affirme que : “beaucoup d’artistes numériques du continent travaillent pour des entreprises et gagnent à peine de quoi subvenir à leurs besoins. Avec les NFT, ils sont en mesure de valoriser leurs compétences“. toujours d’après l’artiste, “les NFT, grâce au smart contract de la blockchain, permettent aux artistes d’obtenir un pourcentage de leurs ventes secondaires [soit la revente d’une œuvre par son détenteur]. Il s’agit généralement de royalties à hauteur de 10%.


AfroDroids By Owo is well-positioned to guarantee that both creators and customers have simple access. It is one of the few African artists employing NFTs to redefine the art landscape.

The effort began as a 12k project on the Ethereum blockchain called the Profile Picture Project. NFT provided the watermarking of numerous works without the need for a signature, which prompted the development of AfroDroids.

A total of 12,117 unique afrodroid nfts were minted on[4]

When AfroDroids by Owo first started, it allowed the general public to own photos or artworks to use as digital avatars on their social media profiles.

The earrings, beads, and other indigenous features on every AfroDroid pay respect to its African origin.

“Any work of art must first of all tell a story”

-Robert Frost, American poet

As many people claim, art has no intrinsic value. There isn’t much value to a canvas and a little paint.

But that is not why people value art, is it? We appreciate art for the story it tells us, for the narrative behind the painting. Not just what the artist conveys through the art, but the history of the work itself.

Some of the most valuable pieces of art have a rich and storied history, from famous previous owners and incidents to stories of the artists themselves.

We’re at the beginning of a new era. NFTs are becoming the new popular form of artwork. However, what many of these artworks lack is a distinctive backstory.

They appear to be plain images with what amounts to a token of authenticity on them.

Being from Nigeria, Owo Anietie and Esther Eze decided to create something out of Africa that revolves aroundtechnologyand is in line with the direction of the world, without negatively influencing the deeply rooted cultures. Since the term ‘Web3’ and ‘decentralization’ are relatively new terms, AfroDroids aims to create a legacy that will leave a mark in the NFT space.

Owo Anietie didn’t start out as an NFT artist out of the blue moon.

The AfroDroids creator first started out as a local artist, doing painting, pottery making, and sculpting before becoming an animation artist in 2011 with the intent to popularize his body of works. Owo got the idea for AfroDroids (birth, death, and rebirth) from his past influences, including his uncle who was an African Religion Traditionalist.

He and Esther Eze then planned and launched the drop.

Some artists are changing this perspective, by giving their artwork creative lore that is representative of their artwork.

Afrodroids is a collection of 12,117 pieces of art, based on the theme of Afrofuturism, and created by Owo Anietie, a Nigerian artist. Each piece of art depicts a dystopian future, where humanoid robots called Afrodroids have taken over an apocalyptic version of the earth.

Besides this very creative backstory, 20% of the proceeds from the sale of each Afrodroid artwork goes to the Dream Catchers Academy for Girls, a non-profit Academy, offering educational opportunities, leadership skills, and a better life for street and underprivileged girls, through dance, drama, music, and visual arts. This gives every Afrodroid artwork a distinctive story and greatly enhances the value of the piece of artwork itself.

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