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Users are able to pay using a credit card, or Ethereum, of course.

Homer says that progress in advancing the sustainability in blockchain technology has been a slow, uphill battle, as the Ethereum community attempts to make the move to Ethereum 2.0, which would transition the way an NFT is encrypted from a proof of work consensus mechanism to a proof of stake consensus mechanism, “which is far more efficient and requires less computing power, and then in turn requires less energy consumption and creates less emissions.”

In the meantime, says Homer, he and his team decided to draw upon their skills in emissions computation to provide artists and buyers with a way to offset their carbon footprints using Aerial. So far, they’ve worked in direct partnership with big names like DJ and producer Calvin Harris as well as street artist Mr.

Aerial nft

We hope this inspires new opportunities for art to catalyze broader public engagement with areas of science that have the potential to impact the health of millions globally.”

The Most Sh*ttiest NFT will be offset using Aerial, a sustainability platform that sums the Ethereum gas used and calculates the carbon emissions based on the associated energy use. The net estimate for offsets is 15-20 tonnes, which Seed Health and Aerial will round to 25 tonnes for any future reselling, wallet transfers, and to maintain carbon negativity.

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A number of startups have promised to bring a drive-and-fly vehicle to market over the past few years, but none have yet managed to follow through. NFT Inc. is betting it will succeed where its rivals have failed, with preorders opening Thursday for ASKA, the company’s first electric flying car.

The SUV-sized ASKA ( which means “flying bird” in Japanese) may be better described as a plane that drives, rather than a car that flies. Even when its six rotors are folded closed, the vehicle has the unmistakable look of a flying craft, with a helicopter-esque bubble front window and a distinct tail that would be familiar to anyone who has flown on an airplane.

ASKA isn’t anticipated to be delivered until 2026, which is the point by which the company estimates regulations on safety and traffic control will have developed enough to support consumer use of new aerial mobility vehicles.

The catch is that since these offsets are being purchased voluntarily, as opposed to government mandated offsets, the amount of accountability can vary wildly from company to company. Many sellers don’t disclose exactly what your offset purchase is funding. Experts say it’s not only important that you’re able to examine the projects in their portfolio, but that the projects seem permanent and enforceable.

In the case of Aerial, three organizations are displayed prominently on their page, two of which the platform has been working with since its soft launch.
Both verified forest conservation projects, Homer says that 80 percent of the money coming into the platform is allocated to preserving wild land in California and Alaska.

Other brands are experimenting with NFTs as a form of revenue.

Fox’s newest show “Krapopolis” by Dan Harmon will have it’s own dedicated NFT marketplace where fans will be able to buy NFTs of characters, backgrounds, and gifs. E.l.f Cosmetics also rolled out nine makeup-based NFTs that sold for $5 to $9, comparable to what the real products would cost in stores.

While $5 doesn’t seem like a lot, the real revenue generation comes in resale. When an NFT is resold, the original creator gets a cut of the sale automatically.

That Pizza Hut NFT? It originally sold for .0001 Ethereum, or about 18 cents, but was quickly put back on the market for 5 Ethereum, or $8,824.07.
Pizza Hut will get 1% of all future resales of its NFT.

NFTs have also been used to promote rebrands, and as a way for “classic” brands to work with new artists.


NFT stands for non-fungible token. While some critics have chalked up the mysterious blockchain asset to just hype, celebrities, musicians and artists have started offering up their digitized works to enthusiastic collectors at hefty prices. HYPEBEAST wrote a comprehensive explainer on the buzzy collectible last month.

There has recently been some discussion about the environmental impact of using blockchain technology to mint NFTs. New blocks of information are added — or “mined” — to a decentralized blockchain network based on a process called proof-of-work, which requires expensive computer hardware that consumes a lot of power.

Aerial’s new online NFT tool allows users to calculate the carbon footprint of their NFT collection and instantly offset the emissions through verified carbon offset and carbon capture programs.

Partnering with Aerial to offer this standard for all Ethereum NFTs was a no-brainer,” said Dan Carr, CEO and co-founder of NiftyKit.

Aerial works with verified environmental efforts and carbon removal projects in North America to offset emissions.

Aerial’s NFT offset tool has been utilized by CNBC News, Ellen DeGeneres, ASICS, The Jerry Garcia Foundation, renowned street artist Mr. Brainwash, and world-famous DJ, Calvin Harris, among others.

In addition to NFT offsets, Aerial has a crypto offset tool and an iOS app, which allows users to manage travel emissions.

About NiftyKit

NiftyKit is a SaaS platform that provides simple tools for creators, brands, and businesses to get started with NFTs and smart contracts.

To use OpenSea, you’ll need to transfer Ethereum to an Ethereum wallet and connect the wallet to OpenSea’s website. Some exchanges that let you buy and send Ethereum are eToro and Gemini.

With crypto taking over the digital art world, NFTs are even making their way to popular auction houses like Christie’s. Christie’s has hosted NFT auctions for popular projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the auction house received bids in the millions of dollars for the most sought after items.

Nifty Gateway is one of the top marketplaces for digital assets and has partnered with some top names in the music, art and celebrity worlds.
The company was purchased by cryptocurrency company Gemini in 2019.

Brief History of NFTs

NFTs can be traced back to colored coins on the Bitcoin network.

As part of its mission to pioneer new microbial applications, Seed Health has created provocative moments to engage the public and propel the microbiome into the zeitgeist with award-winning campaigns like the 2020 #GIVEASHIT Citizen Science initiative, which successfully crowdsourced the world’s first and largest database of stool images for use in academic research and in the development of novel digital health tools.

“Inspired by the disruptive spirit of the NFT community, we want to ignite a dialogue around this new frontier of gut-brain research,” stated Ara Katz, Seed Health co-founder and co-CEO.

NFTs also give artists more control over their assets and allow them to set sale prices. Some NFTs are also set up to where the original creator gets a portion of each sale of the digital asset, creating a perpetual stream of royalty payments.

The industry has quickly exploded and turned what is a non-fungible token into a popular topic question and internet search.

How to Buy Non-Fungible Tokens

Some NFTs can be purchased and exchanged on their own trading platforms. Lots of NFTs are offered up for sale as drops or limited time sales for those who are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time to take advantage of the sale.

NFT marketplaces like OpenSea offer a way for investors and fans of NFTs to buy the digital assets from individuals.

OpenSea has hosted works from musician Shawn Mendes, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan and digital artist Beeple.

Earlier in 2021, Elon Musk made a stir by backtracking on Tesla’s acceptance of bitcoin payments due to its environmental effects.

He says they will reinstate bitcoin payments once cryptocurrency mining uses 50% clean energy worldwide.

To attain that goal, the industry must move towards renewable and green energy at the least. Already, we have seen numerous projects and companies with this goal in mind.

For example, Manhattan Solar Partners, LLC announced plans to build the largest renewable-powered cryptocurrency mining data center in the United States. Together with BIT5IVE, LLC and GMine, LLC, Manhattan Solar Partners will utilize more than a gigawatt of renewable energy in the Lonestar State.

One gigawatt is enough to power more than 10 million light bulbs simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Square Inc.

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